construction inspections
construction inspections
construction inspections

There are many types of construction inspections and there are many purposes for evaluating construction activities on a property; developer projections & oversight, lender verification activities, contractor and engineer reporting, warranty related inspections and dispute resolution documentation are just to name a few.

Developer inspections assist building owners, property managers and associations with the accurate evaluation of property building components and the development of comprehensive restoration programs. Developer project reporting provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of existing structures and building components for the purpose of evaluating the existing conditions, discovering specific problems and projecting construction, restoration and/or replacement requirements.

Newly built homes should be inspected by independent inspectors, not only licensed but knowledgeable in construction. There is a difference between an independent inspection and one by a municipal, county or state inspector. A governmental employee enforces code compliance, not workmanship. A governmental inspector will not make a notation for a missing baseboard, but an independent inspector will.

 A bank may require inspections for lender progress payment reports as it releases construction money in draws, but the inspector hired by a bank is solely focused on work completed and in place. At tech, our focus is on contributing industry expertise to help insure a successful real estate project.




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