about the process
about the process
about the process

We are technically trained and experienced Home Inspectors and Building Consultants that provide real estate property inspections. Our inspection regimen meets and exceeds Industry Standards for Professional Inspection Practices throughout the Unites States, by professional real estate organizations and state licensing agencies.

Our inspection reports are generated on tablet and laptop computers in the field while we work. All the information about your property is gathered into computers as we obtain it.

You are not required to be on site for the property inspection but it is highly recommended that you be present. Seeing the process for yourself is a valuable learning experience that will help you make informed decisions about the property. Following your home inspector makes it easy to ask questions, get answers and receive maintenance tips for the property. Our goal is for you to understand the inspection report and benefit from it by having attended the home Inspection.

Your inspection report will be completed by the end of the business day. Your Inspection report will be transmitted to you from a secure website in HTML format. You will receive an email containing a user name and password. No software is necessary to download or view your report as it is web-based, and accessible wherever there is web connectivity.  Your report will be stored on this secure site for one year after your completed inspection, and you may view it or print it whenever you like.

Or, if you prefer, the inspection report can be sent via email in a PDF Acrobat Reader document. Simply download the document and print or view in whatever way you choose.

Finally, if you want your inspection report delivered to you as a printed hard copy one will be provided to you.


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